Wind Towers Coming To Your Area? Be Involved & Stay Informed

The mission of The Truth About Turbines, LLC is to educate communities about the risks involved in allowing wind tower companies to build in our rural areas, allowing land owners to steal equity from their neighbors and ignoring the dangers that this alternative energy inflicts upon rural homeowners. We strive to equip local citizens with the information they need to protect their homesteads and provide the tools needed to properly discuss wind turbines at zoning and county commissioner meetings. We invite you to learn more about how wind towers may affect you if they are built near you.

Turbine Noise

Wind turbines create a pulsing effect - a consequence of wind shear. Under the right conditions, noise can be compounded with multiple turbines.

Health Issues

There are documented cases in the US, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

Flicker Effect

Acknowledged as an annoyance, it's defined as alternating light/dark or shadow cast as a result of sun rising or setting behind a turbine.

Property Values

The wind industry will argue that property values do not change but that has been shown to be false for residential properties.

Fire and Ice

The danger zone for ice throw for wind turbines can extend out to 1300 feet. Fire issues raise many county related questions such is "Who is liable?"

Wildlife Affected

Hundreds of thousands of birds and bats are killed yearly by turbines and affects on domestic and livestock animals are still being determined.

The reasons NOT to sign a wind contract

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Be informed. Attend a meeting. Send a letter or email to enter into public record. Get involved now and protect your property for future generations.

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